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  • Auctor Quick

    Auctor Quick

    Helping you save a shitload of time and money. Writing about what I learn from bloated info products and fluffy books. Follow my publication: The quick club.

  • Shelly Fagan

    Shelly Fagan

    Complicated subjects made accessible. Politics, Basic Income, Philosophy. I follow back.

  • Lisa Beth Wright

    Lisa Beth Wright

    πŸ‰ Mother of Designs, Photography, Books, Blogs, & Websites. Musician & Songwriter. Connect @ ko-fi.com/lisabethwright

  • The Writer Erin

    The Writer Erin

    Writer on Tarot, Soul, Spirituality, Culture, and Mytho-tainment

  • Eva Gutierrez ✍🏼

    Eva Gutierrez ✍🏼

    Marketing writer | Based in LA β†’ https://www.eva-gutierrez.com/newsletter

  • Jared A. Brock

    Jared A. Brock

    Helping you navigate life in an age of democratic destruction, ecological collapse, and economic irrelevance. Free newsletter+podcast β†’ surviving-tomorrow.com

  • Shawn Roe

    Shawn Roe

    Father, husband, and UX Content Strategist. I seek to inspire through simplicity.

  • Rachel Yerks

    Rachel Yerks

    Support my writing & read stories from thousands of other writers by signing up for a Medium membership here: https://rachelyerks.medium.com/membership

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